External communication:
What tools are available to companies?


There are many ways for a company to make itself known, improve its image, or increase its renown. In the business, we use the term “print” to designate printed marketing materials and “web” for digital tools on the Internet. As each responds to specific uses and needs, combining them thoughtfully in a multichannel communication strategy will allow you to reach the right target at the right time and in the best possible way!

Web tools

  • Websites are the most well-known and can take many forms, from the simplest (a one-page storefront to guarantee visibility) to the most complex (a complete e-commerce site where you can sell your products and services directly).
  • Blogs make it possible to publicize your website and expertise via articles that are easy to share on social networks.
  • As for social networks, they are increasingly becoming the preferred means to bring Internet users into a company fold.
  • Newsletter and e-mail marketing, which must not be confused, can provide customers with information (regularly or periodically, entertaining or commercial) by arriving directly in their inbox.

Print tools

  • Business cards are a must. They fit easily into wallets and are exchanged hand-to-hand after encounters so you have a means of contacting each other.
  • Flyers are small unfolded documents with a limited lifetime. They are distributed in high-traffic areas to promote an event or a special offer.
  • Posters are also used to distill time-limited information, but in a larger format that can be placed in a variety of advertising spaces.
  • Leaflets are a one-page folded piece of paper that provides a succinct presentation of the company, its products, and its services.
  • Brochures differ in that they are usually a small paperback booklet containing a few stapled pages.
  • Catalogs have a binding and contain a larger number of pages that assemble and present the company’s products in detail.

The importance of consistency

Combining these various communication tools will not have the desired effect without a strong brand identity defined beforehand in your graphic charter.

The logo, colors and typography must represent the company and ensure consistency across all media. Feel free to contact us to accompany you!

The importance of (Re) Branding


Branding, whether personal or corporate, comprises all the visual elements that define the identity of your project, your products or your services.

Although we first think of the logo, the term encompasses a multitude of other aspects: your name, the font used to write it, the shapes, illustrations and colors chosen… as well as how they are used and appear in all your communication media.

As the first point of contact with your customers, branding allows them to get a quick idea of the personality of your company and will trigger their initial emotions that will bring them to make a purchase or not. In a competitive digital world where image is everything, you can understand that the importance of careful branding is paramount!

Send the right message

To benefit your strategic positioning and make you stand out, your graphic style guide must convey your values and your philosophy visually. By delivering the right message to your target audience, you increase the chances of connecting with them and giving them the perfect opportunity to identify with you.

The strength of consistency

We are reassured by what is familiar to us, right?
Identifying and recognizing your company inspires trust in your prospective customers. Consistent branding across all media testifies to your conscientiousness and your professionalism. It is therefore necessary to think globally in order to offer a clear and coherent whole, which can be adapted to your different communication channels, be it a website, business cards, packaging or any other promotional and advertising tool.

A breath of fresh air

If your company has been around for a while now, you might need an element of novelty, or maybe you need to make a few adjustments to better suit your current activity.
Reviewing your logo and graphics gives you the opportunity to provide a breath of fresh air. Changing course can sometimes be tricky, so do not hesitate to enlist a professional!

An expert’s advice

Calling on a graphic design office is the best way to develop or review your brand image. At Studio Witvrouwen, we have been supporting companies and institutions for more than 30 years. Always attentive to our customers, our work is the synthesis of our customers’ needs and the studio’s own vision. The result is a pure design for increased readability in a completely original form. Precisely what you need to boost your business!

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